Facebook Common Page Likes Checker

This is a tool I built to allow you to see what Facebook Page Likes multiple users have in common in order to discover common interests among users. You can find instructions on how to use this tool below.


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How to use the Facebook Common Page Likes Checker

From a marketing and communications perspective, this tool is very useful because you can grab the Page Likes from people commenting on your business (or personal) posts and see what interests they have in common and use this information to improve your Facebook Ads and communication with your customers. In addition, it also allows you to discover more about the different groups of people that interact with your Facebook page whether they raving fans, haters or just casuals.

To get a better understanding, take a moment and look at the Facebook Pages you have liked by going to: facebook.com/YourUserName/likes_all

Even though I created this tool for Facebook, you may have another use case for it such as checking for duplicates or other common elements within a different dataset.


  1. Go to the user’s profile whose Likes you want to check against another user.
  2. In the URL bar at the top of your browser add /likes_all at the end and press enter.
    For example: facebook.com/peterstavrou/likes_all
    Alternatively, you can take the long route and click on their About tab, scroll down to Likes and then click on See All. Note: This part of their profile needs to be public for you to view it.
  3. Scroll down to the very bottom of the page to load all of the Liked Pages and then select and copy them all. You can simply hold the Page Down (pg dn) key on your keyboard to continuously scroll to the bottom. Below I will show you an easier way to do this with a chrome extension I developed.
  4. Paste the Liked Pages into the first input field of the tool and then press Add Field to add another one. Now repeat this process with a different person’s profile. You add up to 100 fields and compare them against each other.

Facebook Likes Grabber Chrome Extension

Seeing as manually selecting and copying the Page Likes is a bit of a pain, I created a Chrome extension to do this with a click of a button. Unfortunately due to Facebook’s security, I wasn’t able to make it automatically scroll to the bottom so you will still need to hold the Page Down (pg dn) key on your keyboard to load all of the Page Likes. As a little bonus, I added a counter to the extensions so you know how many Likes are being copied.

The extension is only available from my website and you will not find it in the Chrome Web Store.

You can download the Facebook Likes Grabber Chrome extension here.

The extension is pretty simple to use but if you want to see it in action you can watch the video above.

For instructions on how to manually install a Chrome extension click here.