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Before You Quit Your Job – Robert Kiyosaki

By January 30, 2016January 11th, 2024Audiobooks

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The real secret to making money and reaching financial independence is not staying an employee, but starting a company and quickly developing it. This book is for aspiring entrepreneurs who need to know how to take those first crucial steps.

Before You Quit Your Job by Robert Kiyosaki talks about his own start-up companies, and what he learned from his failures and successes.


Before You Quit Your Job Overview

In this audiobook Robert Kiyosaki will teach you:
How to determine whether an idea is a good one.
How to write a solid business plan.
Where to find OPM (Other People’s Money) to finance that plan.
How to incorporate for business and tax purposes.
How to find key advisers to develop the plan.
How to best launch the product or service.


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