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Sales Dogs – Blair Singer (Robert Kiyosaki’s Advisor)

By January 30, 2016January 11th, 2024Audiobooks

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Every successful entrepreneur knows that you can’t be successful without top-notch sales skills. Rich Dad (Robert Kiyosaki) Advisor, Blair Singer, is a world-renowned sales trainer who advises some of the world’s top corporations on their sales training programs and now he’s sharing his hard-earned knowledge with you in Sales Dogs.


Sales Dogs Overview

In this audiobook Blair Singer:
Introduces you to the five breeds of sales dogs.
Explores their characteristics, strengths, and weaknesses.
Helps you determine what type of sales dog you are.
Reveals the five simple but critical revenue-generating skills needed to generate endless streams of qualified buyers and life-long sales.
Teaches you how to radically change your attitude in thirty seconds or less so you can direct your financial results.


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