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The 50 Richest People In Australia

By January 12, 2017December 26th, 2018Mindset & Knowledge

Ever wondered who the richest people in Australia are, what they do and how much they’re worth?


  1. #50 Marcus Blackmore

  2. Richest People In Australia - Marcus Blackmore

    Who: Marcus Blackmore is the chairman of a vitamin and herbal supplements company called Blackmores.
    Age: 79
    Location: Sydney
    Industry: Retail
    Net Worth: $500 Million


  3. #49 Gretel Packer

  4. Richest People In Australia - Gretel Packer

    Who: Gretel Packer is the daughter Kerry Packer, the owner of Channel 9, Australian Consolidated Consolidated Press and PBL. Once Kerry passed away Gretel and her brother divided up his wealth.
    She is supported by her family’s half-owned Crown Resorts and the Packer Family Foundation.
    Age: 58
    Resident: Sydney
    Industry: Media
    Net Worth: $510 Million


  5. #48 Chris Morris

  6. Richest People In Australia - Chris Morris

    Who: Chris Morris the former chairman of Computershare, a global share registry company he co-founded with sister in 1978.
    His hospitality business (Colonial Leisure Group), includes 10 pubs in Melbourne, a casino and island in Queensland, restaurants and a brewery in Perth and a castle in Britain.
    Chris also holds shares in 2 technology companies focused on parking garages and online advertising sale and is also planning to build an ultra-high-end resort in Queensland.
    Age: 76
    Residence: Melbourne
    Industry: Software & Hospitality
    Net Worth: $550 Million


  7. #47 Nigel Austin

  8. Richest People In Australia - Nigel Austin

    Who: Nigel Austin is the founder and majority owner of Cotton On clothing and stationery group which brands include Supre, Factorie and Typo. The global company was started in 1991 when Nigel started selling acid-wash denim jackets from the boot of his car in Geelong.
    Age: 53
    Residence: Melbourne
    Industry: Retail
    Net Worth: $565 Million


  9. #46 Bruce Gordon

  10. Richest People In Australia - Bruce Gordon

    Who: Bruce Gordon is the owner of WIN Television via his ownership of WIN Corporation, as well as the largest shareholder in both Ten Network Holdings and Nine Entertainment Co. Bruce also has a large property portfolio and has stake in TPG Telecom.
    Age: 95
    Residence: Bermuda
    Industry: Media
    Net Worth: $570 Million


  11. #45 Graham Turner

  12. Richest People In Australia - Chris Morris

    Who: Graham Turner is the co-founder of Flight Centre Travel Group.
    He also owns a boutique hotel chain, Spicers Retreats and a bicycle shop. 99 Bikes.
    Gragam qualified as a veterinarian and then moved to London to c-found his first travel company (Topdeck) in 1973.
    Age: 75
    Residence: Brisbane
    Industry: Travel
    Net Worth: $575 Million


  13. #44 Richard Smith

  14. Richest People In Australia - Richard Smith

    Who: Richard Smith is the owner of PFD Food Services, one of Australia’s 2 major food distributors.
    He joined the company in 1959 as a 19-year-old delivery driver and salesman after emigrating from Scotland.
    Richard also owns several racehorses in syndicates with Bruce Mathieson.
    Age: 84
    Residence: Perth
    Industry: Food Distribution
    Net Worth: $615 Million


  15. #43 Bruce Mathieson

  16. Richest People In Australia - Bruce Mathieson

    Who: Bruce Mathieson’s wealth has increased with canny hotel sales and with his investment in the durg company Mayne Pharma.
    He also owns 25% Australian Leisure & Hospitality Group which is Australia’s largest hotel and pub operator.
    Age: 80
    Residence: Gold Coast
    Industry: Hotels
    Net Worth: $640 Million


  17. #42 Brett Blundy

  18. Richest People In Australia - Brett Blundy

    Who: Brett Blundy sold property and retail interests in 3 IPOs over the past 14 months. His BB Retail Capital retains some interests in retailing’spanning jewelry, homemaker centers, lingerie and home-wares.
    Brett is building a beef cattle empire in northern Australia to feed Asian demand.
    Age: 64
    Residence: Singapore
    Industry: Retail
    Net Worth: $645 Million


  19. #41 Maha Sinnathamby

  20. Richest People In Australia - Maha Sinnathamby

    Who: Maha Sinnathamby was born in Malaysia and is the owner of Springfield Land which has been used to build 2 train stations, a town center, a golf course, a hospital, 10 schools and 30,000 residents.
    Age: 84
    Residence: Brisbane
    Industry: Real Estate
    Net Worth: $650 Million


  21. #40 Ralph Sarich

  22. Richest People In Australia - Ralph Sarich

    Who: Ralph Sarich owns several real estates including luxury units in Noosa and a central city office tower.
    Age: 85
    Residence: Perth
    Industry: Real Estate
    Net Worth: $660 Million


  23. #39 Reg Rowe

  24. Richest People In Australia - Reg Rowe

    Who: Reg Rowe owns 30% of the Supercheap Auto chain.
    Supercheap auto was starting in 1972 by selling car batteries by mail order from a Brisbane home.
    Reg also owns 50% of Excel Development Group, spanning office, apartment and housing lot developments and nearly 40 bulky goods stores.
    Age: 79
    Residence: Brisbane
    Industry: Retail
    Net Worth: $675 Million


  25. #38 Con Makris

  26. Richest People In Australia - Con Makris

    Who: Con Makris owns 9 malls and 2 office towers and also has approval to develop a 5-star hotel in Adelaide.
    Age: 79
    Residence: Adelaide
    Industry: Real Estate
    Net Worth: $700 Million


  27. #37 Judith Neilson

  28. Richest People In Australia - Judith Neilson

    Who: Con Makris owns 9 malls and 2 office towers and also has approval to develop a 5-star hotel in Adelaide.
    Age: 79
    Residence: Adelaide
    Industry: Real Estate
    Net Worth: $700 Million


  29. #36 Sam Tarascio

  30. Richest People In Australia - Sam Tarascio

    Who: Sam Tarascio owns real estate in Melbourne, including 2 distribution sites, a business park, a large shopping mall, a market and several inner-city apartment developments.
    Sam migrated from Italy in the 1950s and worked as a Pharmaceutical Salesman and then built a warehouse.
    Age: 80
    Residence: Melbourne
    Industry: Real Estate
    Net Worth: $735 Million


  31. #35 John Kahlbetzer

  32. Richest People In Australia - John Kahlbetzer

    Who: John Kahlbetzer owns the Twynam Agricultural Group as well as land in Argentina and Australia.
    Age: 93
    Residence: Argentina
    Industry: Agriculture
    Net Worth: $740 Million


  33. #34 Robert Ingham

  34. Richest People In Australia - Robert Ingham

    Who: Robert Ingham made his fortune in chicken processing but sold his business in 2013.
    Age: 92
    Residence: Sydney
    Industry: Agriculture
    Net Worth: $745 Million


  35. #33 Len Ainsworth

  36. Richest People In Australia - Len Ainsworth

    Who: Len Ainsworth founded Aristocrat in 1953 which is now the world’s second-biggest gaming machine company.
    Stepped aside in 1994 after cancer scare and at the age of 72 founded Ainsworth Game Technology.
    Age: 101
    Residence: Sydney
    Industry: Betting Machines
    Net Worth: $760 Million


  37. #32 Tony & Ron Perich

  38. Richest People In Australia - Tony Perich

    Who: Tony & Ron Perich are brothers who own Greenfields property development which is selling more than 12,000 houses.
    They started out with a dairy business and they now have 2,000 cows on 11,000 hectares of land.
    Tony & Ron also own more than half of listed Freedom Foods and a big share in Australian Fresh Milk Holdings which is Australia’s largest dairy milking operation.
    Age: N/A

    Residence: Sydney
    Industry: Agriculture & Real Estate
    Net Worth: $770 Million


  39. #31 Paul Little

  40. Richest People In Australia - Paul Little

    Who: Paul Little is the former owner of Toll Holdings, a logistics firm.
    He is now focused on development apartments in Melbourne.
    Age: 76
    Residence: Melbourne
    Industry: Logistics& Property
    Net Worth: $830 Million


  41. #30 Solomon Lew

  42. Richest People In Australia - Solomon Lew

    Who: Solomon Lew is involved in importing apparel, toys and other goods into Australia from China.
    He has also made several share market investments primary in retail companies.
    Age: 79
    Residence: Melbourne
    Industry: Retail
    Net Worth: $920 Million


  43. #29 Angela Bennett

  44. Richest People In Australia - Angela Bennett

    Who: Angela Bennett is the half-owner of the mining company Wright Prospecting;
    Age: 79
    Residence: Perth
    Industry: Mining
    Net Worth: $930 Million


  45. #28 John Van Lieshout

  46. Richest People In Australia - John Van Lieshout

    Who: John Van Lieshout made his first fortune from the Super Mart Furniture chain.
    He now has a large property portfolio, including shopping malls and offices and housing developments from his new company, Unison Projects.
    Age: 78
    Residence: Brisbane
    Industry: Real Estate
    Net Worth: $970 Million


  47. #27 Kerry Stokes

  48. Richest People In Australia - Kerry Stokes

    Who: Kerry Stokes is the chairman of Channel Seven and also holds business interests in various industries including mining, property, media and construction equipment.
    Age: 83
    Residence: Melbourne
    Industry: Media & Mining
    Net Worth: $1 Billion


  49. #26 Lang Walker

  50. Richest People In Australia - Lang Walker

    Who: Lang Walker has been in the building industry for more than 50 years.
    He sold most of his property development company, Walker Corp twice. Once in 1999 before the dot-com bubble and again in 2006 before the financial crisis hit.
    Lang Walker now owns industrial estates, office towers and residential projects.
    Age: 79
    Residence: Sydney
    Industry: Property
    Net Worth: $1.02 Billion


  51. #25 Beverly Barlow & Russel Withers

  52. Richest People In Australia - Russell Withers

    Who: Beverly Barlow & Russ Withers own 7-Eleven and Starbucks in Australia.
    Age: N/A

    Residence: Melbourne
    Industry: Retail
    Net Worth: $1.09 Billion


  53. #24 Maurice Alter

  54. Richest People In Australia - Maurice Alter

    Who: Maurice Alter immirated to Australia from Poland after World War One.
    He now owns malls in Melbourne, northern Victoria and Adelaide.
    Age: 99
    Residence: Melbourne
    Industry: Real Estate
    Net Worth: $1.1 Billion


  55. #23 Bob Ell

  56. Richest People In Australia - Bob Ell

    Who: Bob Ell founded his real estate firm in 1976 and made his first fortune in the Sydney industrial property market.
    He now owns three shopping malls in Queensland and a fourth in Canberra.
    He also has large residential projects in New South Whales and in Queensland where he owns 15,000 lots and will soon own a 45-level apartment tower in Gold Coast.
    Age: 79
    Residence: Queensland
    Industry: Property
    Net Worth: $1.2 Billion


  57. #22 Andrew Forrest

  58. Richest People In Australia - Heloise Waislitz

    Who: Andrew Forrest started his first mining company Minara Resources in 1994 and nine years later he founded the Fortescue Metals Group which mines and ships iron ore to China.
    Age: 62
    Residence: Perth
    Industry: Mining
    Net Worth: $1.24 Billion


  59. #21 Alan Rydge

  60. Richest People In Australia - Alan Rydge

    Who: Alan Rydge is the chairman and lead shareholder of Sydney-headquartered cinema, hotel and ski resort group Amalgamated Holdings.
    He is also chairman of Carlton Investments, which buys blue chip stocks.
    Age: 72
    Residence: Sydney
    Industry: Entertainment
    Net Worth: $1.27 Billion


  61. #20 Heloise Waislitz

  62. Richest People In Australia - Heloise Waislitz

    Who: Heloise Waislitz holds investments in more than 20 companies ranging from gas and mining services to renewable energy, airline bookings and biotechnology.
    She also owns roughly 30% of the company Thorney Opportunities and a property portfolio.
    Age: 61
    Residence: Melbourne
    Industry: Investment
    Net Worth: $1.3 Billion


  63. #19 Gerry Harvey

  64. Richest People In Australia - Gerry Harvey

    Who: Gerry Harvey co-founded of Norman Ross, an electronics retailer in 1961.
    In 1982 he co-founded the electrical-goods and furniture chain Harvey Norman.
    Gerry also has a large property portfolio and horse-racing interests, including more than 1,000 horses, the Magic Millions auction market and several studs in Australia and New Zealand.
    Age: 84
    Residence: Sydney
    Industry: Retail
    Net Worth: $1.4 Billion


  65. #18 Jack Cowin

  66. Richest People In Australia - Jack Cowin

    Who: Jack Cowin is the owner of built his fortune on fried chicken, burgers and pizzas.
    He started as an insurance salesman and then moved onto owning one KFC outlet after emigrating from Canada in 1969.
    Jack then started the Australian franchise operations for Burger King which he renamed to Hungry Jacks.
    He is also the chairman and a major shareholder of Domino’s Pizza, and holds a big stake in BridgeClimb, the Sydney Harbour Bridge tourist attraction.
    Age: 82
    Residence: Sydney
    Industry: Fast Food
    Net Worth: $1.5 Billion


  67. #17 Stanley Perron

  68. Richest People In Australia - Stanley Perron

    Who: Stanley Perron is one of Australia’s biggest landlords with a portfolio that covers the country.
    He owns commercial high-rises, regional airports, large shopping malls and a city car park.
    Stanly’s first job was carving boxes to hold handkerchiefs and selling them door-to-door.
    Age: 101
    Residence: Perth
    Industry: Property
    Net Worth: $1.54 Billion


  69. #16 Leslie Alan, John & Bruce Wilson

  70. Richest People In Australia - Leslie Alan

    Who: Leslie the executive chairman of Australia’s biggest bathroom and plumbing supplies chain, Reece.
    He and his 2 brothers John and Bruce, together own 70% of the company.
    Age: N/A

    Residence: Melbourne
    Industry: Retail
    Net Worth: $1.6 Billion


  71. #15 Scott Farquhar

  72. Richest People In Australia - Scott Farquhar

    Who: Scott Farquhar is the co-founder of business software company Atlassian.
    The company is regularly voted Australia’s best place to work and sells 15 software products, including HipChat messaging for businesses, JIRA project tracking.
    Scott and his partner Mike Cannon-Brookes started their venture in 2012.
    Age: 44
    Residence: Sydney
    Industry: Software
    Net Worth: $1.8 Billion


  73. #14 Mike Cannon-Brookes

  74. Richest People In Australia - Mike Cannon-Brookes

    Who: Mike Cannon-Brookes is the co-founder of Atlassian which has has 51,000 customers including eBay, NASA, Citigroup and Tesla.
    Age: 44
    Residence: Sydney
    Industry: Software
    Net Worth: $1.8 Billion


  75. #13 Michael Hintze

  76. Richest People In Australia - Michael Hintze

    Who: Michael Hintze is the founder of CQS, a global multi-strategy asset management firm.
    Michael was raised in Australia and served a three years in the army before making his way to London in the 1980s.
    Age: 71
    Residence: London
    Industry: Inventment
    Net Worth: $1.8 Billion


  77. #12 Fiona Geminder

  78. Richest People In Australia - Fiona Geminder

    Who: Fiona Geminder owns 40% of Pact Group, a plastic packaging company.
    She also has a stake in Visy, her family’s paper packaging and recycling business.
    Age: 59
    Residence: Melbourne
    Industry: Packaging
    Net Worth: $1.83 Billion


  79. #11 Kerr Neilson

  80. Richest People In Australia - Kerr Neilson

    Who: Kerr Neilson is best known as a financial guru.
    He is an Australian investment manager and the co-founder and managing director of Platinum Asset Management.
    Age: 74
    Residence: Sydney
    Industry: Investment
    Net Worth: $1.85 Billion


  81. #10 David Hains

  82. Richest People In Australia - David Hains

    Who: David Hains continues to work for his family’s private hedge fund, the Portland House Group.
    Age: 94
    Residence: Melbourne
    Industry: Finance
    Net Worth: $1.9 Billion


  83. #9 David Teoh

  84. Richest People In Australia - David Teoh

    Who: David Teoh is the executive chairman of TPG and owns more than a third of the company.
    David migrated from Malaysia in 1986.
    Age: 68
    Residence: Sydney
    Industry: Telecommunications
    Net Worth: $1.95 Billion


  85. #8 Lindsay Fox

  86. Richest People In Australia - Lindsay Fox

    Who: Lindsay Fox owns Linxfox which is Australia’s biggest privately held logistics company with more than 5,000 trucks across 10 countries throughout Asia-Pacific region.
    He also owns Armaguard, a large industrial property portfolio, a half-share in a business park and an ailing airport.
    Lindsay quit school at the age of 16 to become a truck driver and bought his first truck when he was 19 years old.
    Age: 87
    Residence: Melbourne
    Industry: Logistics & Real Estate
    Net Worth: $2.8 Billion


  87. #7 John Gandel

  88. Richest People In Australia - John Gandel

    Who: John Gandel half of Chadstone which has more than 500 stores.
    He also has a big stake in property trust Vicinity Centres (they own the other half of Chadstone) and 98 other malls and outlets.
    Age: 90
    Residence: Melbourne
    Industry: Shopping Malls
    Net Worth: $3.2 Billion


  89. #6 James Packer

  90. Richest People In Australia - James Packer

    Who: James Packer owns 53% of Crown Casino.
    Age: 56
    Residence: Los Angeles
    Industry: Casinos
    Net Worth: $3.5 Billion


  91. #5 Anthony Pratt

  92. Richest People In Australia - Anthony Pratt

    Who: Anthony Pratt is the Executive Chairman of Visy Industries and Pratt Industries, the world’s largest privately owned packaging and paper company.
    Age: 64
    Residence: Melbourne
    Industry: Manufacturing
    Net Worth: $3.6 Billion


  93. #4 Frank Lowy

  94. Richest People In Australia - Frank Lowy

    Who: Frank Lowy is the former chairman of the giant shopping mall Scentre and the current chairman of Westfield.
    Age: 93
    Residence: Sydney
    Industry: Shopping Malls
    Net Worth: $5 Billion


  95. #3 Harry Triguboff

  96. Richest People In Australia - Harry Triguboff

    Who: Harry Triguboff is the founder and managing director of Meriton, Australia’s biggest apartment builder.
    He he came to Australia as a teenager and began his working life in the textile business
    Harry then moved into real estate in the early 1960s.
    Age: 91
    Residence: Sydney
    Industry: Property
    Net Worth: $6.9 Billion


  97. #2 Gina Rinehart

  98. Richest People In Australia - Gina Rinehart

    Who: Gina Rinehart is a mining heiress and chairman of Hancock Prospecting, a privately owned mineral and exploration company founded by her father Lang Hancock.
    She also owns a stake in Ten television network and is now the largest owner of prime wagyu cattle in Australia.
    Age: 70
    Residence: Perth
    Industry: Mining
    Net Worth: $8.5 Billion


  99. #1 Blair Parry-Okeden

  100. Richest People In Australia - Blair Parry-Okeden

    Who: Blair Parry-Okeden, the richest person in Australia, inherited a quarter Cox Enterprises which is a that company was started by her grandfather, James M. Cox who was also governor of Ohio, twice.
    Age: 74
    Residence: New South Wales
    Industry: Media
    Net Worth: $8.8 Billion

Source: Forbes – Australia’s 50 Richest People

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