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How Money Works

By February 3, 2016December 23rd, 2018Mindset & Knowledge

Have you ever wondered how money works? Where it comes from? How it is created?
Unfortunately the answer is not as pleasant as you may have thought but it is important to know the truth about how our money system works and why it is the biggest scam in the history of mankind!


How Money Works

How Money Works

Above is an image from the video that explains how our money system works.

Let’s break this down…


Step 1: The Government Creates Glorified I.O.U.s (I Owe You’s)

These bonds increase our national debt and make the public pay it back.


Step 2: The Banks Swap I.O.U.s To Create Currency

The Treasury sells the bonds to the Banks who then turn around and sell our national debt at a profit to the Federal Reserve which they probably own.

The Federal Reserve then open their checkbook that has absolutely no money in it and buys those I.O.U.s with I.O.U.s it writes using checks that come from a checking account that has a balance of $0.

The Federal Reserve then gives those checks to the Banks and currency just pops into existence.
The whole process then just repeats.

This results in a build of bonds at the Federal Reserve and currency at the treasury which is really just a supply of numbers. The treasury then deposits the numbers into the various branches of the Government.


Step 3: Government Spends The Numbers

The Government spends the numbers on Promises, Public Works, Social Programs and War.
Then the Government Employees, Contractors and Soldiers deposit their pay into the Banks.


Step 4: Banks Multiply The Numbers

The Banks multiply the numbers by magically inventing more I.O.U.s through fractional-reserve lending where they steal a portion of everyone’s deposit and lend it out.
That currency then gets re-deposited and a portion gets stolen again. This process repeats over and over magnifying the currency supply exponentially.

We then work for some of those numbers!


Step 5: Our Numbers Are Taxed

We pay tax to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) who then give our numbers over to the Treasury, so the Treasury can pay the Principles + The Interest on bonds that where purchased by the Federal Reserve with a cheque from nothing.


Step 6: Debt Ceiling Delusion

The system is designed to require ever-increasing levels of debt and will eventually collapse because the Politicians always pass it on to the next. They do not want the system to collapse while they are responsible.


Step 7: The Secret Owners Take Their Cut

The worlds largest Banks own the Federal Reserve.
1. Those Banks a make profit when they sell our national debt to the Federal Reserve.
2. They make a profit when the Federal Reserve pays them interest on the reserves held at the Federal Reserve.
3. The Federal Reserve also pays the Banks a 6% dividend on their ownership of the Federal Reserve.

What are your thoughts on our very evil money system?

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