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Self Commitment – Les Brown

By December 15, 2015December 23rd, 2018Mindset & Knowledge

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Les Brown speaks about self commitment and explains how commitment shows up in your life through your actions.
You can easily differentiate between the people who are committed from those who are not.

The people who are committed are busy doing what they need to do to reach their goals.
While the people who are not committed are the ones that are saying things such as “Hey I like what you’re doing but I just don’t want the responsibility”.


Self Commitment by Les Brown Overview

Robert Anthony said that you can only have 2 things in life, Reasons or Results.
Reasons do not count.

People will always point out reasons why they are not living their dreams, why they are not manifesting their greatness but none of these reasons count.
The only thing that counts are results! Results show it all!

You are either committed to being productive or committed to being unproductive.
You are either committed to being happy or committed to being unhappy.
What you do and how you spend your time shows who you are.

The majority of people dream of being financially free, dream of having better jobs and having more fulfillment in their lives but look at how they spend their time.
How they spend their time shows the truth!

People say that they want to do better but you never find them in self-development or technical courses improving their skills and knowledge.

People want to loose weight and to be healthy but every time you see them they are eating.
Without them having to say anything, it tells you that they are committed to being fat.

People will tell you that they want to quit smoking but are lighting up a cigarette at the same time.

People say they want to stop drinking but every time you are near them they reek of alcohol.

All this will tell you what’s going on and what these people are committed to.
They don’t need to tell you as their commitments are showing up in their lives.

If you don’t like the results you currently have then you can make a commitment to do something.
The power of commitment is available to all of us.
It’s hard and yes it is a struggle but the people who commit are the people who succeed.

Do you know why people are so afraid of commitment?
Why the word commitment intimidates so many people?
It’s because if they say they are going to commit to something they are then expected to deliver.
A lot of people say “I’ll try” instead of saying “I will” and this is used to escape commitment and responsibility.
When they don’t deliver they say “Well I tried…”.

There is no such thing as ‘try’. You either Do or you Don’t.
Commitment means no excuse is acceptable which is why so many people do not want to commit.


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  • silvia ruth wanjiru says:

    Less Brown has impacted my life and l feel he is gift from GOD to inspire mankind with his great knowledge.

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