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Best SiteGround Data Center

By June 13, 2019January 8th, 2020Product Reviews

In short, the best SiteGround data center depends on the location of your visitors because the closer they are to the data center, the faster your website will load for them. This is because the closer they are the data center, the less distance the data needs to travel to reach them. I will go into this in more detail later on but for now let’s just get to the answer.

SiteGround has a page to help you choose a data center and they recommend the below.

– Chicago for visitors that are located in North America, South America and Africa.
– Singapore for visitors that are located in in Australia, New Zealand, Asia and South Pacific.
– London and Amsterdam for visitors that are located in Europe and Russia.

If your visitors are worldwide then I recommend that you select the data center based on your are located in and then activate CloudFlare which comes free with your SiteGround account. After you have signed-up to SiteGround, you can use this tutorial to activate CloudFlare.

What Is A SiteGround Data Center?

To keep this simple, a data center is just a room full of computers (servers) that store and display your website to the world.
One of these computers can store multiple websites which is called “shared-hosting” because the resources of that single computer is shared among multiple sites.

Below is an image of what a data center looks like and while it may look extremely complicated, it’s just a room full of computers.
Best SiteGround Data Center

What Is CloudFlare?

CloudFlare is a free CDN that is available to you when you signup with Siteground. CloudFlare has data centers in over 180 cities around the world in which it copies your website’s files. When a visitor opens your site, CloudFlare retrieves your website from a data center closest to their location which reduces the distance that the data needs to travel to get to the visitor, hence speeding up your websites load time for them. CloudFlare also has additional free and premium features that allows you to increase the security on your site and further optimize it.

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