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SEO For Beginners: AutoHotKey – Automate Your Work!

By June 5, 2016March 26th, 2024SEO.

Lesson 16

AutoHotKey is a free automation tool for Windows that can be used in many different ways. It allows you to create a set of instructions that are executed using a single key on your keyboard. AutoHotKey is a fantastic tool that you can use to increase efficiency by automating a repetitive process.


AutoHotKey For SEO

AutoHotKey will make your life so much easier when creating backlinks as you will often find yourself filling in forms to obtain a quality link to your website.

For example, to create an account you will need to fill in details such as:
– Your First Name
– Your Surname
– Website
– Description
… and so on.

This can get very tiring so it is a good idea to use AutoHotKey to automate the process.


How To Set-Up AutoHotKey For SEO

1. Download my [thrive_2step id=’4145′]AutoHotKey script[/thrive_2step].
2. Open the script with Notepad and modify the details to suit your needs.
3. Save the script, right-click on AutoHotKey in your system tray menu and click on Reload this Script.

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