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SEO For Beginners: Google Webmaster Tools Overview

By June 1, 2016March 26th, 2024SEO.

Lesson 11

Google Webmaster tools is also known as the Search Console.
It is a free service offered by Google that helps you to monitor and maintain your site’s presence in Google search results.


Google Webmaster Tools

A google account is required to use Google Webmaster Tools
Once you login you will need to add your website.


The Dashboard

In the Dashboard you can see the current status of Crawl Errors, Search Analytics and Sitemaps.


Search Analytics

Using the Search Analytics feature in Google’s Webmaster Tools, you can see information such as:

Clicks – The amount of clicks a specific page has received from Google

Impressions – The amount of people that saw your page in the search results.

CTR – The click-through rate which is the amount of clicks divided by the amount of impressions.

Position – The average position of the topmost result from your site.

You can see more information about the Search Analytics report by going to the official Google page.


Links To Your Site

This shows a list of links that Google has found that pointing to your website (backlinks).
It also shows to what pages the link is pointing to and anchor text is being used.


Index Status

This shows how many pages Google has indexed and when they were indexed.
It also allows you to see how many times your Googles Crawlers have been blocked from accessing specific content on your website.


Content Keywords

This shows what Google thinks your website is about.
Google gathers a list of keywords and places a significance value on each one depending on how often it is mentioned throughout your site.
This is important because even if you have a website on a specific topic, Google may think it’s about a different topic and therefore rank it differently.



It is very important that you submit your sitemap to Webmaster Tools.
Within this section you can see how many pages have been submitted to Google and how many of them have been indexed.
You can also see when your sitemap was processed and if Google had any issues with it.

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