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SEO For Beginners: Google Webmaster Tools Setup

By June 1, 2016March 26th, 2024SEO.

Lesson 12

In the previous lesson you saw an overview of the important features Google Webmaster Tools has to offer. In this lesson your are going to show you how to add your website to the Search Console so you can take advantage of these feature.

Webmaster Tools Setup

1. A google account is required to use Google Webmaster Tools
Once you login you will need to add your website.

2. Add your website to the Webmaster Tools and verify that you own the website by uploading the HTML verification file to your web host. You can upload the file by using the cPanel or an FTP client.

3. Once your website is verified it is very important that you submit your sitemap so google is aware of all the pages on your website.

4. It is recommended by Google that you add 2 variants of your website and set your preferred domain (with www. or without)..

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