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SEO For Beginners: MozBar – The Best Chrome SEO Extension

By July 31, 2016March 26th, 2024SEO.

Lesson 15

MozBar is a very powerful Google Chrome extension that allows you to see the Page and Domain Authority of a website.

MozBar used to be available for Firefox but has currently been removed.
There is a rumor that they might make it available for Firefox again in future but for now you will need Google Chrome to use the addon.



The free version of MozBar allows you to see:
– The Page Authority.
– The Domain Authority
– The number of Google+ Likes, Shares and Comments.
– The number of Facebook Likes, Shares and Comments.
– The number of backlinks a page has.
– Whether a link is Followed, No-Followed, External and Internal.
– An SEO analysis of a specific page.

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