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SEO For Beginners: Things To Know

By June 6, 2016March 26th, 2024SEO.

Lesson 21

Things To Know

New Websites

If your website is new it can take up to at least 3 months to get noticed by Google and at least 6 months to see some results from your SEO work.


Frequently Updated Websites

Google crawls websites that are updated more frequently which means their new pages are indexed much quicker. For this reason, I recommend that every website has a blog. Having a blog also allows you to target many different keywords in your niche.

Myth: The more frequently you update your website the higher it will rank in Google.



When targeting keywords, it is a good idea to go for long-tail keywords rather than single keywords because single keywords are much more competitive. Think about what your ideal customers are typing into search engines.

Single Keywords Long-Tail keywords
SEO How to improve SEO
Money How to make money blogging
Travel Travel deals for Hawaii
Food Healthy food recipes


Ranking & Location

Search results displayed by Google vary depending on your location.

If you are located in Australia and visit Google, you will automatically be redirected to will bring up different search results compared to

If you visit Google from Japan, you will be redirected to and again, the same search will bring up different results.


Ranking & Domain

The extension of your domain name will also impact the way you rank.

If you search Google for The best food in America, the majority of sites that appear in the search results will have a .com extension.

If you search Google for The best food in Australia, the majority of that appear in the search results will have a extension.


Checking Google Accurately

Google personalizes results according to your browsing behavior.

If you continuously click on your website from a Google search, Google will deem it important to you and therefore show it in your top results.

To see a realistic view of Google’s search results you will need to clear your Internet Browser’s cache, cookies and sign out of your Google account.


No-Follow Links Debate

Some argue that even though No-Follow links do not pass any PageRank, they still pass along some Link-Juice and contribute to search engine rankings. However, others argue that No-Follow links do not pass any Link-Juice.

One thing that’s for certain is that you need a combination of both, No-Follow and Do-Follow links so you do not look suspicious in the eyes of Google.


User Exprerience

You need to ensure that your website offers a great user experience, this is not only good for SEO but for business in general. Make sure your website is easy to use and that it provides a lot of value!

Google uses the below metrics to determine how valuable a website is to their users.

Bounce Rate
How quickly a user leave your site from a Google search.
If people are clicking onto your website from a Google search and then clicking Back, it means they did not find what they were looking for.

The aim of Google is to provide it’s users with the best possible results in the least time possible. If people are quick to navigate away from your website, it simply means your website is not valuable and therefore should not be in Google’s top results.

Time Spent On Site
How long a user spends on your site from a Google search.
If people are clicking into your website from a Google search and end up spending a lot on it, it means that it is valuable and should be in google’s top results.

You can use Google Analytics to analyze your website’s traffic.


Most Important…

The most important thing in SEO is to be consistent and to be patient.
Continue to post valuable content and build quality links and over time you will see your search engine rankings skyrocket!

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