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SEO For Beginners: How To Use Yoast SEO

By July 31, 2016March 25th, 2024SEO.

Lesson 10


How To Use Yoast SEO

The main purpose of Yoast SEO is to improve your website’s On-Page SEO by helping you create SEO friendly content.

In this video you will learn how to to obtain a green SEO score on all of your Posts and Pages which indicates that they are optimized for search engines.


Yoast SEO Circle Colors

Once you install Yoast SEO you will notice that you have an SEO score in your publish box.

The SEO score consists of 5 different colors.

Green – The page or post is perfectly optimized for search engines.

Yellow – The SEO score of your page or post is Okay but can be improved.
When improving your score it is important that you continue to write your content for people and not just for search engines.
Ensure that your content makes sense and is easy to read, this means that sometime you will need to sacrifice a green circle for a yellow one.

Orange – The SEO score for the page or post is low.

Red – The SEO score for the page or post is horrible and definitely needs to be improved.

Grey – The page or post does not contain enough information to be able to calculate a score or an SEO score has not yet been calculated.


SEO Content Analysis

At the bottom of each page and post you will have a Content Analysis section.

Snippet Preview shows you a preview of how your page or post will be displayed in Google.

Focus Keyword is the keyword would like to rank for.


How To Obtain A Green SEO Score

To obtain a green SEO score your Focus Keyword needs to be in the below locations.

1. In the Yoast SEO Title.

2. In the Yoast Meta Description.

3. In the Page/Post Title.

4. In the URL Address.

5. Multiple times within the content.

6. Within one or two of your Header Tags (H1, H2).

7. Within your Alt Text.
If your content does not contain an image then you can add your Focus Keyword inside the Alt Text of your Featured Image.


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