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Anyone Who Guarantees High Google Rankings is Lying!

By February 1, 2016December 23rd, 2018SEO

Anyone Who Guarantees High Google Rankings is Lying!
I’m sorry to say but the truth is… Anyone who guarantees that you will rank on the first page of Google is lying!

If you are currently paying for SEO and have been promised a high Google ranking, then you should really re-evaluate the authenticity of the person or company who made you this promise.

Don’t get me wrong, SEO experts (that know what they’re doing) can influence your search engine ranking but no matter how amazing their skills are they can never guarantee that your website will show up in the top few results.
This is simply because no one can control how Google ranks websites.

Hard to believe? Don’t take my word for it…
Below is a short video of Matt Cutts stating that Google rankings cannot be guaranteed.
Matt Cutts is the head of spam at Google and works crossly with the search quality team on search engine optimization issues.

The reasons why no one can guarantee you a Google ranking include:
1. Nobody knows the exact algorithm Google uses to rank websites and they protect their algorithm very well.
2. Google changes it’s algorithm more than once per a day, this means nobody knows how Google’s algorithm will change.
3. Google Penalties occur randomly
Penalty Examples: Panda, Penguin, Mobilegeddon.


The Lie Behind Guaranteed High Google Rankings

There are commons 4 tricks that people use to fool the non-tech savvy into thinking that they can guarantee Google rankings.


1. AdWords PPC (Pay Per Click)

AdWords is an advertisement service Google offers that enables you to set a budget and pay each time your Ad is clicked.
This is called SEM (search engine marketing) and not SEO (search engine optimization) as you are paying for Ads rather than optimizing your website for search engines.

Below is an image that shows Real SEO (organic) Vs Paid Ads (adwords) for the search term Cheap Airfares.

Real SEO (Organic) VS Paid Ads (Adwords)


2. Ranking an unpopular Keywords or Search Phrase

It is very easy to rank unpopular keywords or search phrases as competition is very low.
For example, it would be easy for me to rank for the search phrase “why Peter is the best the world” because no one else will be competing for that search phrase.


3. Guaranteeing that you will rank for your company name

I’ve come across people who believe that they have very good SEO because if they type their business name into Google their website shows up in the #1 spot.
This is because Google is a very sophisticated search engine with the goal of showing the best possible results to its users.
This mean, if you type in a unique name then of course Google will show it to you in the first result.

Additionally, it is very unlikely that someone else will be competing in the search results for your company name and therefore making it very easy to rank high.

4. Just being plain dishonest:
This is pretty self-explanatory…

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Has anyone ever guaranteed you a high Google Ranking?

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